The Lamp Video Presentation

THE LAMP: A light. A charger. And a great look. Modern desk accessory that works with all devices. It´s perfect for those that demand the best.


Is so truly unique that it redefines the entire category of lighting. It´s made with a unique technology and clean design without all of the cables and joints that are associated with most desk lamps.


It’s a fashion statement, a symbol of professionalism, and a wireless charging station for all your devices.


The lamp offers wireless charging and USB charging for all modern devices like iPhone, iPads and Android devices. (Wireless Qi Charger 5V/1A, 5 Watt).

Wireless charger

Charging 0%-100%

Dimmer brightness

Form 0%-100%


The Lamp offers threes uniquely different light settings, giving you the perfect light for whatever it is that you´re doing. Adjustable intensity and colour temperature. Touch control to switch on or change light setting. Relax: Provides a soft, warm background light. Computer: Gives you a dimmed neutral light while working on screen. Drawing: An intense white light, suitable for off screen or drawing.

✓ Relax: 2 Watt 250 Lux 2700 k

✓ Computer: 5 Watt 700 Lux 3200 k

✓ Drawing: 8 Watt 1200 Lux 4000 k

Size information

420 x 355 mm Weight: 1100 grams


Touch Controls:
✓Tap the touch sensor once to turn ON.
✓Tap again to change the intensity in 3 steps.
✓Hold the touch sensor to turn OFF.
✓Memory function (will use previous setting when you switch The Lamp back ON).
✓Wireless Qi Charger 5V/1A (5 Watt).
✓USB Port 5V/2,4A charge (12 Watt).
✓Power supply 5 VDC 26 Watt.
Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 328 × 60 × 417 cm