Discover The Kiana’s Story!

Have you fulfilled the dreams that you had as a child? Or have you abandoned them because “they were only a child’s dreams” and no one encouraged you to fulfil them?…

Get creative!

Looking for something Elegant, Creative and really Unique? Boxlite offers you solutions.

A New Concept Of Lighting!

A new concept of lighting and decoration in one cordless lamp. If you are thinking to decorate and lighting your house or office, and you are looking for efficient solutions we introduce you Boxlite, cordless lamps lighting up to 4 days and charge in only 4 hours.

SAFETY: With no cables around, the Cordless lamp offers safety when is used in bedrooms. Also, a smart alternative to candles or lamp oil made of paraffin.

Highest quality materials

Aluminium Composite is magnificent for decorating rooms, halls, offices, facades. Iconic material in the world of photography.

Elegant variant

Elegant variant of visible placement with decorative screws designed by Boxlite. The image is mounted to the wall with the help of screws visible from the front and included in the delivery. This leaves a space of 2 cm between the image and the wall giving the feeling that “the Image seems to float”.

Size information

400 x 300 mm

100 x 100 x 156mm Weight: 285 Grams


Material: Aluminium Composite

3 layers, UV Protection Printing.

Decorative screws included in the package.

Modern Picture made of Aluminium Composite. Decoration of living rooms, rooms, facades. Wall adjustments included. For Indoor and Outdoor use.

Boxlite Cordless Lamp

Material Frame: ABS Plastic.
3 Adjustable light setting.
Light Source: LED 5V/1,5 Watt.
Working Temperature: from -20˚to + 50˚C
Rechargeable Battery: Lithium 3000 Mah
Energy Classification: A++(IP54 classification for outdoor use)
Tap the touch sensor once to turn ON.
Tap again to change the intensity in 3 steps.
Tap the touch sensor to turn OFF.

Four Manga Collection Pictures and four white boards included in the package.

Boxlite, cordless lamps lighting up to 4 days and charge in only 4 hours.

The Kiana Story

Have you fulfilled the dreams that you had as a child? Or have you abandoned them because “they were only a child’s dreams” and no one encouraged you to fulfil them?
Children’s dreams are more than fantasies. I know this because I too have a dream that I want to fulfil with all my heart. But first I’d like to tell you a little story.
My name is Kiana and I am 13 years old. I enjoyed a normal childhood in Germany until my life changed after a bad stroke of fate. After four years of grief, my mother decided to emigrate with her partner Sascha. For professional and health reasons, we dared to go to Mallorca in order to be able to lead a better life here. We are also accompanied by a German TV broadcaster. This change affected me because I had to leave my home, my childhood friends, my school, everything ..

Starting from scratch has been hard, but more so because I haven’t been able to forge new relationships. The language barrier and the fact that I am a foreigner has isolated me. Many times, I cry when I experience something exciting and I realise that I don’t have any close friends that I can share it with. I miss expressing myself openly and swapping secrets with close friends, friends to play with, go for walks with, and with whom to create new memories.

I wish my mother could enrol me in a private school where classes are taught in English and German. So that I would meet other young people like myself and my academic performance wouldn’t suffer. But the cost is too high and my mother can’t afford it. I try to integrate, I really try, but it’s not easy to study and at the same time learn Spanish and Catalan, the local language imposed in state schools.
Sometimes I think that I won’t be able to have a normal and happy adolescence that all children deserve to have, and that brings me down.
However, my dream is what inspires me to keep going. My wish is to become a professional manga artist. When I pick up paper and pencil, my mind is at peace and a smile creeps across my mouth.
Although drawing is my passion, I always push myself and drive myself to achieve better results. My goal is to fulfil my dream, but also to thank my mother and her partner for their support by showing them that I can do it.

My first important step has been collaborating with Boxlite, where my drawings will be the protagonists in a harmonious collection of paintings and lamps. This is my opportunity to fulfil my dream, to help my parents to enrol me in a school where I can develop my abilities and regain my social life, or even, to be able to study in Japan, the birthplace of manga.
However, this experience has taught me that I cannot do it all alone. I need the support of people like you, people who believe in the dreams of children. Not only will you have all my gratitude and a special offer on our products, but also the satisfaction of having helped a girl to achieve her dream as if it were your own.
Thank you so much for your support!